Role of C1-C3 Cervical Afferents in Primary Headache

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Role of C1-C3 Cervical Afferents in Primary Headache

Watson Headache Institute - Level 1 Foundation Course


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Dean WatsonDean Watson
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Learn from Dean that reproduction only of typical head pain can be misleading. Reproduction and lessening of typical head pain as the technique is sustained is unique and fundamental to the Watson Headache® Approach.  This is an uncomplicated and very effective approach to headache assessment, management and treatment

Watson Headache® Institute’s Learning Pathway:

This is an opportunity to begin building your professional and clinical profile in the niche market of headache and migraine. Having attended the Level 1 you will be in a position to be offered an invitation to attend the Level 2 Consolidation Headache Course (2 days) and Level 3 Certification Course (equivalent to 4 days with assessment) in the future. Allow a minimum of 3 – 6 months between each course level.

There will be some restructuring of this program in 2017 and all previous course participants will be advised as this occurs.

Receive updated course content and material which will enable you to ...

  1. Conduct an effective sensitive (to 'Red Flags' and instability) subjective examination and establish clear reassessment features.
  2. Perform (and understand) a responsible and sensitive assessment of the craniovertebral ligaments thereby lessening the impact of your manual examination (and treatment) on potentially vulnerable structures.   
  3. Identify confidently relevant segmental (CO-C3) dysfunction, that is, which segment/s is the source of the
  4. head pain and/or source of sensitisation underpinning primary headache conditions.
  5. Have an effective alternative (to HVTTs) for the management of upper cervical dysfunction

Some of the benefits gained by attending this course are: 

  • A Protocol at your fingertips to assess, treat and manage headache and the upper cervical spine 
  • An Approach using step by step diagnostic techniques to identify, through temporary reproduction and lessening of a patient's head pain, the spinal segment/s involved in headache and migraine 
  • Take the Guesswork out of who you should be treating and how to treat
  • Seamless Application of the diagnostic techniques (with unparalleled accuracy) applied as treatment techniques (over 4 - 5 sessions) 
  • Know Which Segment/s Are Involved and be 70% - 80% of the way to successful clinical outcomes
  • Safe and Effective Assessment of the upper cervical spine
  • Confidence when approaching the neck and headache 
  • Increased Employment Opportunities as courses highly valued by employers
  • Professional Differentiation of both you and your clinic/place of employment
  • Patient List Growth through word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Being Highly Sought After in your local marketplace 
  • A New Service to market in your clinic/place of employment to your database

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09:00 - 17:00


09:00 - 17:00


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BEST CPD Dollar Ever Spent 

"Can I say that your teaching has become my most potent weapon as a physio. Just today after his fourth session a client, a severe classic migraineur, said "my neck has never felt this good". Cheers for that. Best CPD dollar I ever spent! I would say in the nine years since your Auckland course I have only encountered three people I ruled out cervicogenic headache. Keep up your good works." Greg Bell, Bell Physiotherapy - Wanganui, New Zealand